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How Compass™ benefits you

Having responsibility for IT procurement can be a daunting prospect; there are literally thousands of suppliers offering similar goods and services. Typically, organisations spend up to 70% of their annual IT budget on external goods and services.  This, coupled with industry research suggesting they pay up to 25% more than necessary, demonstrates the need for an innovative approach to IT procurement. Compass was designed to streamline the process of selecting suppliers from a master catalogue and rapidly creating formal ‘Requests for Quotation’ to ensure most competitive pricing and commercial terms.  Online supplier catalogues provide a consumer-like experience in selecting the products for procurement.  Visual tools assist with quick evaluation of supplier responses, and configurable approval workflows make it easy to comply with internal financial controls.   Contract renewals are automated, thus removing the administrative costs of communicating with the IT department to confirm procurement needs.

Key benefits

  • Streamline procurement process
  • Rapid creation of RFQ
  • Visual evaluation tools
  • Automated contract renewals
  • Workflows comply with financial controls

Six reasons to choose Compass™

Rapid deployment

Our cloud based application suite can be rolled-out in a matter of days


Peer and industry comparisons


Fully integrated application suite

Low operational cost

Competitive scalable per-user per-month cost model


Measurable business value


A unique integrated procurement ecosystem

Measurable business value

Compass revolutionises the way that people, processes and technology are managed to work in an optimal manner to create measurable business value

Designed by IT leaders

Our intuitive application, is designed by IT leaders for IT leaders. It meets all your needs and requires minimal training

Cloud based

Compass can be rolled out in a matter of days allowing you to gain greater insight and control into your budgets, projects, resources, assets, contracts and service delivery

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