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How Compass™ benefits you

Every Finance Director knows the total spend on IT, but very few have an insight into the granular financial details, critical for budgeting and planning.  With Compass, a Finance Director can see the financial impact of existing and pending IT contracts in a single view.  Contract cost allocations are easily calculated, reducing the time needed to determine how much to apportion to different cost centres.  Insight into the full commercial value of a supplier relationship is easily obtained, helping to assess and manage any risk to the organisation. Costs are easily managed and reported – ensuring IT costs stay within approved budgets.  Approval workflows can be configured to reinforce corporate controls.  Overall, IT financial performance can be measured against internal targets and compared to external industry and peer benchmarks, ensuring maximum value for the organisation.

Key benefits

  • Insight in to financials for budgeting and planning
  • Impact of existing and pending IT Contracts
  • Easy cost centre allocation
  • Costs easily managed and reported
  • Approval workflows reinforce corporate controls

Six reasons to choose Compass™

Low operational cost

Competitive scalable per-user per-month cost model


Measurable business value

Rapid deployment

Our cloud based application suite can be rolled-out in a matter of days


Peer and industry comparisons


Fully integrated application suite

Measurable business value

Compass revolutionises the way that people, processes and technology are managed to work in an optimal manner to create measurable business value

Designed by IT leaders

Our intuitive application, is designed by IT leaders for IT leaders. It meets all your needs and requires minimal training

Cloud based

Compass can be rolled out in a matter of days allowing you to gain greater insight and control into your budgets, projects, resources, assets, contracts and service delivery

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