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How Compass™ benefits you

If you’re responsible for managing all the IT assets in your business, then you will know the importance of keeping a clear record, and you will know how managing hardware and software location and allocation status can sometimes be challenging. Unlike other asset management systems Compass has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use. With our unique graphical interface, you can manage locations in a familiar way, by using your own images. As an Asset Manager you will know that identifying equipment specification can be a challenge. With our unique integration with CNET all product specifications, images and reviews, are right at your fingertips. Our user-friendly dashboards highlight key information about your assets, warranty, maintenance and allocation status, allowing for proactive management.

Key benefits

  • Software license allocation and management
  • Hardware assets linked to contracts
  • Track asset dependencies
  • Tracking maintenance and warranty
  • Meaningful dashboards
  • Integration with CNET for product specifications and reviews

Six reasons to choose Compass™

Low operational cost

Competitive scalable per-user per-month cost model


Measurable business value

Rapid deployment

Our cloud based application suite can be rolled-out in a matter of days


Peer and industry comparisons


Fully integrated application suite

Measurable business value

Compass revolutionises the way that people, processes and technology are managed to work in an optimal manner to create measurable business value

Designed by IT leaders

Our intuitive application, is designed by IT leaders for IT leaders. It meets all your needs and requires minimal training

Cloud based

Compass can be rolled out in a matter of days allowing you to gain greater insight and control into your budgets, projects, resources, assets, contracts and service delivery

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