Analytics & Benchmarking

Compass™ Analytics provides proactive, real time, analysis on your data enabling you to make timely and accurate business decisions.

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Analytics & Benchmarking

Compass™ Analytics provides proactive, real time, analysis of your data, enabling you to make timely and accurate business decisions.

Role centric Key Performance Indicators (KPI) combined with industry benchmarking offer the ability to uncover IT and spend optimisation opportunities.

Compass’ anonymised data aggregation gives you strategic insights into industry pricing. This enables you to carry out project planning and cost prediction with a greater degree of certainty.

Key benefits

  • Real-time benchmarking
  • In-class comparisons
  • Socialising data for analytics
  • At a glance KPIs
  • Workflow optimisation
  • Deep and broad IT visibility
  • Identify cost saving opportunities
  • Scheduling and impact predictions

Compass™ addresses key areas that are critical to IT Business Management

Asset & Service Management

Streamlined IT service management and integrated full lifecycle asset management and tracking.

Contract & Supplier Management

Track suppliers, contracts and maintenance renewals easily to avoid surprises and maintain compliance.

Project Portfolio Management

Manage all aspects of a project life-cycle utilising our powerful project and resource management tool.

Procurement Management

An ecosystem that streamlines your procurement processes, saving you time and money.

Financial Management

Easy budgeting for all your IT costs including assets, projects, services and unscheduled improvements.

Analytics & Benchmarking

Analytics for real-time data analysis with benchmarking to provide optimisation opportunities.


Integrated, role specific dashboards provide real-time heads-up displays with visualised key metrics.

Six reasons to choose Compass™

Rapid deployment

Our cloud based application suite can be rolled-out in a matter of days


Peer and industry comparisons


Fully integrated application suite

Low operational cost

Competitive scalable per-user per-month cost model


Measurable business value


A unique integrated procurement ecosystem

Measurable business value

Compass revolutionises the way that people, processes and technology are managed to work in an optimal manner to create measurable business value

Designed by IT leaders

Our intuitive application, is designed by IT leaders for IT leaders. It meets all your needs and requires minimal training

Cloud based

Compass can be rolled out in a matter of days allowing you to gain greater insight and control into your budgets, projects, resources, assets, contracts and service delivery

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